Consolidated Audit Trail Update

New York, NY | September, 2020 - Industry compliance with the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) that went live on June 22, 2020 has been in effect for three months now. Jordan & Jordan (J&J) has since onset been an authorized CAT Reporting Agent (CRA), as approved by FINRA CAT LLC in their production environment. J&J is effectively servicing numerous clients meet their CAT reporting obligations. J&J’s scalable CRA solution has submitted hundreds of million events to FINRA CAT for various clients with error rates, across each metric, significantly better than the current over one percent industry average. 

J&J’s CRA solution’s July and August 2020 Compliance Error Rates were zero percent.

J&J’s CAT solution is based on its mature Execution and Compliance Services (ECS) platform and very well positioned to meet Industry Member CAT reporting requirements even as future releases towards inter-firm, exchange and trade matching as well future phases are added as per the CAT NMS plan.

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